16 Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated

If you just started your piano lessons, but people from your surrounding can’t get the fact that mastering some instrument takes time, here are 16 easy piano songs that sound complicated to learn and shut their mouth!

-Oh, you started learning to play the piano? Really, when? Oh, two days ago? Great! Can you play the Eight Symphony?

Yes, sure, just let me give you the tickets for the concert I am going to hold tonight where I will be playing the greatest works of Beethoven, Mozart, and Shuman! NO, OF COURSE, I CAN’T PLAY THE FREAKING EIGHT SYMPHONY BECAUSE I AM STILL LEARNING CHORDS!


Pixabay/Public Domain

Don’t you ever be discouraged with people like this! Obviously, the only way they can play anything is by beating a cooker with a spoon. And when they start on some uncle’s friend and then his cousin’s neighbor that played piano as a pro when she was only 6, in my opinion, it is completely legitimate to punch them in a face with an ashtray. Just saying.

Or you might not be that violent like I am? Ok, in that case, prove them wrong! Why is only that uncle’s friend and then his cousin’s neighbor special? She isn’t! You are a pro as well. Or, at least, you are real!

Take your piano and use your knowledge in chords. These are not that tough. You just need to concentrate and the masterpiece will be finished in no time!

And you don’t only need to learn it because some drunk uncle tried to convince you that you are not as good as someone else (as always, great family support). It is nice to do it for yourself. Learning basics is important, but repeating it gets pretty boring and exhausting, and usually makes you give up completely. In this case, when you know to play at least two songs, no matter how difficult/easy they were, you will feel a lot more confident and have more desire to continue with your lessons.

And playing the piano is nice. Not that useful, but nice. The sound is so peaceful and pleasing and only with one keyboard you can play everything: from the lowest to the highest sounds and it will always sound great. Unless you press all the buttons at the same time, of course. So, after you are done with learning basic chords and you can name all of them, from C2 to c2, here are 16 easy piano songs that sound complicated to learn!

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