16 Good Believable Excuses for Missing Work

Do you want to know more about 16 good believable excuses for missing work? People miss work for a large variety of reasons.Regardless of the real reason for skipping work, you will need a good, believable excuse for it. Choosing the right one can be tricky and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

It happens to everyone that sometimes that day does not go to work. If at work you do not have any urgent obligations, consider calling and telling you that you will not come. Most have at least once bidden their boss about the reasons why they can not get to work. From the fact that the car does not want to run on various health problems and medical examinations. But what to say, how to justify it, and the opposite side believes it and lets yourself be able to do it again sometimes. Then, creativity in making excuses can be used to the fullest possible extent, but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Think carefully about the excuse, as well as the day when you will use it. Monday and Friday raise more doubts as they are related to the weekend. No one can tell you that you did not earn a day off if you make a significant amount of effort the other day of the month, to come to work early every day or to stay longer. One of the best excuses for missing work is jury duty. Only use it as a last resort, when you have to get out of work and nothing else is available. Another one is children. Sick kids will get you a lot of sympathies and not only your boss will let you go, but probably offer help as well, but we would recommend not using it as a fake excuse to skip work. People often make up some silly excuses. They often exaggerate in the pronouncements and finally find some reason when they bosses realize that employees just want not to work that other day. Everybody needs a small holiday from time to time, especially if we have a busy job and a limited number of days in a year that we can use for a vacation. So if you want to rest and forget your job for a day, read more about the best excuses for missing work, and take a day off.

If you want to read more about 16 good believable excuses for missing work, check Insider’s Monkey list of 16 Good Believable Excuses for Missing Work and find out more about this fun topic.

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