16 Good Excuses to Miss Work for a Few Days

I think almost every each of you feels like having an extra day off now and then. Especially now when the end of the year is just around the corner. You have worked a lot this year again, the summer holiday is too far to remember it, the Christmas holidays are not close enough – and you feel tired. You would need nothing else, just sit in your armchair with a cup of fine hot chocolate in the hand, or a glass of wine from your best one. What should you do? Take a day off. But how? What sould you tell your boss?

Well, we will tell you 16 good excuses to miss work for a few days, and you will like them! As for me, I have a very pleasant job, so I don’t need any excuses why to miss work. But if you have a regular full time job, you may need some. If you check out the following list, I don’t believe these excuses will be unknown for you, but actually they work. And it is the most impartant thing, if you want to stay at home, isn’t it?

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16. A Dead Grandma/Aunt

This is widely used excuse if someone doesn’t want to do something, but telling you the truth I really don’t like it. Someone’s death is not something for me which I would like to refer to. But if you don’t mind using it, remember one thing: there are bosses who do have good memories, so don’t use this excuse too many times!

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15. My Child Is Sick

Another common excuse is “my child is sick”. Using this excuse doesn’t show the best side of yours, but if it’s not a problem for you, it will surely work.

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14. I’m Sick

This excuse sounds much better than the previous one, and it’s more common, too. There are sicknesses which aren’t predictable in the evening, and yet, you get sick by the dawn, or by the morning, such as vomiting, diarrhea etc. But if you can’t pretend sick voice, you should avoid using this excuse.

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13. Family Emergency

I can remember if I wanted a day of from school, my Mom – who was always so kind to help me out – wrote to our teacher that we had some family emergency. It always works, and easy to say. You don’t need to explain anything, just to use it. Nevertheless it’s a good idea to come up with a good story if your boss wants to know the reason.

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12. Food Poisoning

It’s a very credible excuse, all of us have already had it at least once in our life.

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11. A Car Accident

If you say that there was a car accident and you can’t get to your workplace – that’ll give a great day off!

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10. A Dislocated Hip/Knee/Shoulder

It can easily happen that we move in a wrong way and we have serious pain in our body. A dislocated hip/knee/shoulder can be the ideal excuse for skipping a few days from work.

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9. Your Cousin Is Getting Married

What is better and more beautiful than a wedding ceremony! No one wants to miss it, and if the person who is getting married is your cousin -well, this is the best excuse to have some days off! And – extra bonus – you can move in the city, don’t have to stay at home!

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8. A Migraine

If you are known to have migraine often, then this excuse is really for you! Everybody will believe you, and you can have a nice day of at home!

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7. Stomach Virus

If you say a specific health problem, it will be much believable than telling you are unwell. The stomach virus is something that nobody wants to catch from you. It will give you couple of days.

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6. My Car Broke Down

If you drove to work, it can be a good excuse except you have a very good public transportation at your place. In this case your boss can tell you to come by mass transport.

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5. Leaky Water Heater

All of us know if we have to call an expert to have something fixed, we have to stay at home, right? Well, the leaky water heater is a very rational reason to have a day off, but it will allow you only one or two days.

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4. I Drank Too Much

If I were a boss I wouldn’t be happy to hear this excuse, but perhaps your boss is different. This excuse may allow you only one day at home, but if you don’t need more, it will do.

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3. The Flu

At this time of the year it’s absolutely credible if someone gets the flu. Why should be you an exception? And it’s totally considerate of you if you don’t want to infect your colleagues. Hence, you mean to have a week off – use this excuse even the next working day!

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2. Ran Over A Dog

If you are planning to stay home for only one day, you can say to your boss, that unfortunately while driving to work you ran over a dog and you had to take it to the vet. People generally love animals and if someone is responsible. Nevertheless I hope you won’t run over a dog in the reality.

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1. Slip and Fall

And at last, but not least here’s the first excuse on this list: you have slipped and fallen. If it happens we really need some days at home since we can’t move. This can be a general but working excuse. These were 16 good excuses to miss work for a few dayswe hope we could give you a hand with this list.

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