16 Good Fruity Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar

Well girls, let’s fancy up your night out a bit with some of the 16 good fruity alcoholic drinks to order at a bar.

Although even men adore fruity drinks on a hot summer day, these drinks are usually considered girly because of the soft flavor. Of course, men are muscular, which is why they are all about scotches, but now and then they still a few sips of their better half’s glass.

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You can basically make a fruity alcoholic drink out of everything you find in your fridge since there are only two main ingredients: liquor and fruit. So, as long as you keep those two somewhere around the house, you are considered to be prepared. As already said, you can mix whatever you have, but bartenders from all around the world found the way to bring this to a totally new level, so they started inventing new mixes and drinks in order to always have a new surprise for their customers.

These drinks are the most consumed and advertised by the beaches and hotels that have pools, so the visitors can fully enjoy it. Even men who are not afraid that having a few sweet cocktails would make them less of a men will preferably enjoy it over some hard liquor or a beer. The whole point of these fruity alcoholic drinks is to refresh you, but not make you completely wasted, which is why they contain far less alcohol than the other invented drinks out there. So, if you are off to a beach party or have a pool in your back yard and a blender in your kitchen, the best thing you can do for you and other ones is to buy some fruit and liquor, start a blender and get this party started!

To mix great fruity drinks, you don’t need to be a professional bartender or join some courses. Having a good taste is enough and you can always easily make up some drinks on your own. But if you are not that innovative yet, we have a solution for you. By consulting several popular drinks and cocktails sites such as StayGlam, LoveToKnow, and Complex, Insider Monkey’s research team resulted in compiling a list of 16 good fruity alcoholic drinks to order at a bar. Although mostly considered girly drinks, men would loudly regret it if they’d missed these tastes. So pants on and let’s go for some drinks!

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