16 Inexpensive Graduation Gift Ideas for Friends

As graduations are just on the corner, you may be interested in inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends. Insider Monkey has made the research work for you! a great idea for a gift would be something useful that has to do with their profession. For example, an archaeologist would be delighted to get a new trowel, a painter would fancy a new set of brushes, for example. But there are some general things that everyone needs, and that are nice and cheap university graduation gift ideas.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends from their list.

The first idea is giving Personalized Towels. If you’re thinking about unique graduation gifts, towels are useful things that people do not often get as gifts. However, we’re not talking about ordinary towels, but personalized towels with embroidered initials, for example, which are a great idea for inexpensive graduation gifts for friends. As for me, I extremely like beautiful towels and if they are personalized, the better they are! How about your friends? The second gift can be a DIY Earbud Holder. How many times do you find your earbuds tangled in a messy pile? All the time, right? Well, there is a cure for this! DIY earbud holders are a great and a very useful thing and a perfect inexpensive graduation gift ideas as well. Try out making some of them as proposed at One Crazy House. The third idea should be Portable Charger, which is always useful, especially for those who commute a lot and tehy use their phones on their way. Small and efficient, portable chargers can save you on many occasions. They are cheap and can be found in many shapes and designs, and thus are a great inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends. At last, but not least here are Multi-Tools, if your friend is a guy. A great and useful thing, that your friends probably won’t buy themselves. It is also a good reminder that graduation is only the beginning of the adulthood. Also, this is a great choice if you’re searching for cheap graduation gifts for him. For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 16 inexpensive graduation gift ideas for friends.

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