16 Most Gay-Friendly Countries In the World

Unlike some parts of the world where gay people are hiding their whole lives because of the judgment and humiliation they go through because of their sexual orientation, there are 16 most gay-friendly countries in the world that are simply paradise for gays.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Being gay isn’t easy neither for the gay person or their family. We are thought since we were kids that we are supposed to like people of the different gender, that we need to get married one day and give birth to children that we need to teach same things. But once the person realizes that at least one part of it doesn’t fit in his/her desires, things get complicated. They start pretending to like people they actually don’t like, they need to hide who they are, and they are always too careful not to make any wrong step that will uncover them. At the end, they aren’t happy. And if they try getting out of the closet, they know that there will be consequences. They will face backstabbing, back turning, they will lose people they considered friends and family, and… oh, family. Can you imagine the look of people who raised their child to have his/her own family when their daughter tells them that they might have grandchildren one day, but, for now, they will only have a daughter in love. Fathers usually get heart attacks after they find out that their sons are gay. They find it embarrassing and blame either themselves or mothers because of it. Not that unusual, they disavow their sons.

Can somebody explain when being gay became taboo? As far as I know, Oscar Wilde was gay and had and still has the admiration of people worldwide, right? As well as Michelangelo. Virginia Woolf had a female lover and their husbands knew everything about it. Even Eleanor Roosevelt had a female lover for thirty years. Their relationship started a long before Franklin was inaugurated and, while Eleanor stood by his side in public, her female lover, Lorena Hickok was waiting for her.

And who didn’t have hots for Greta Garbo? Who didn’t want to be her? And who cares that she was with Mercedes de Acosta? I don’t. Do you? And why do we hate our neighbors just because they are gay? It’s not like you are going to be raped by them. For some reason, people hate gays more than lesbians. To be honest, I believe that they are actually more afraid of them than they really hate them. But not everywhere is so bad for gay people. Here are 16 most gay-friendly countries in the world that are paradise for same-sex relationships!

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