16 Most Illiterate Countries in The World

While almost every country is highly concentrated on improving education, there are 16 most illiterate countries in the world that are too far behind and seem like they don’t make any effort in resolving this issue.

One of the greatest indicators of the educational system in any country is PISA test. Students, age 15, around the world are tested in math, science, and literature, and, based on the results, the progress of educational system in different countries is tracked. This test is done every three years, and although there are never some crucial differences in ranking, the progress for almost all countries is obvious.


Pixabay/Public Domain

But there are countries where children are more focused on finding jobs as soon as they are enough physically grown than on self-improvement. Some of them quit school or not even start it in the first place. Sadly, governments act incapable of making any difference in resolving this problem, which, at the end, also affects negatively on economic.

In some countries, there are laws that forbid every child younger than 15 to quit school and act rigorously towards parents who allow their children skip school too much or don’t send them in the first place.
Usually, it starts with high money tickets and ends up with kids being taken away from their parents and given in foster homes. Although for some countries, this seems like too heavy and rigorous decision, it seems to be working. There is one thing that these people need to understand. No one is doing it because of their own desire to molest someone and make his life miserable. These are not extreme measures and those governments are only doing it for the better future of our kids and country in general. No one wants his kid to grow and live in poverty, not being able to raise his own family, and eventually either run away from his homeland or live on the street. Still, some countries are only looking at children as the cheap or even free working force, probably because they were one of them once. Until that changes, the situation will remain the same and more and more people will suffer. Although there are many volunteers nowadays that go to poorest countries in the world to help them grow in each sense, primarily in education, they can’t fix anything without those people’s interest. If someone is not willing to learn, how can you make them?

This is why they remain 16 most illiterate countries in the world.

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