16 Poorest Neighborhoods in America

America is claimed to be the dreamland for many people from all around the globe, but what if you would be dropped at some of the 16 poorest neighborhoods in America? Would you still dream of packing your bags and using your miles?

Naturally, each country is going to present itself in the best matter. Of course, no person in the world is crazy enough to start believing that some of the third world countries are among the richest in the world, but each of them has some beautiful parts that they want to brag about in the public.


Pixabay/Public Domain

Since America has the most fields, it comes completely natural that it has the most places to present. The interesting thing is that most of us believe that the US and America are the completely same place. So, as an example, I always connect the hottest place on Earth with LA. I have no idea how many years ago, I was addicted to the show LA Ink. I don’t know whether you remember it or not, but it was a show about a tattoo studio that recorded each person who got some meaningful tattoo and lives of people who worked in a studio. Besides that show, there was Miami Ink, but we will get to that some other time. Nevertheless, as a kid, I was obsessed with LA. Hot place, hot people, hot events, could a person ask for anything else? But it is a show and actors had enough money to afford some things that I probably couldn’t. Not here not there. I grew up a bit and my illusion was destroyed. I saw another show regarding one of the neighborhoods in LA and I realized that the situation is similar in every city in the world. There are places, people, and neighborhoods that every government wants to present as one of the things that they are the proudest of. But there are also neighborhoods where you would walk through and go out from with tears in your eyes. Those are the places where children are almost naked, skinny to their bones, dirty and sick. Those are the neighborhoods where schools and hospitals don’t exist and where people are getting kicked and spit on. And we are not talking here about LA only. We are talking about the situation in general. But for more particular information check out 16 poorest neighborhoods in America.

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