17 Best Debate Topics for English Language Students

What is the better way to practice your language skills than by organizing class debates? Insider Monkey’s research team realized that which is why they decided to help out students and their teachers to pick the right topic by compiling the list of 17 best debate topics for English language students.

The English language is not that hard to be learned nowadays, especially because literally everything that you can lay your eyes on has the English translation as well. The majority of shows you watch on TV or on your computer are translated from English or at least the intro part is translated into English as well. Every product you buy has the instruction in English and, if you look around yourself, you can find 19 out of 20 people that speak English, and at least 5 of them are speaking it fluently.

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But hearing other people speak and doing online tests isn’t enough. Sure, it will improve your grammar knowledge and you will be able to understand other people speaking, but it doesn’t mean that you will be able to answer them properly. but having a debate, you are thought to think in English without having to translate every sentence individually, practice your grammar and pronunciation, and practice to have a normal conversation with another English speaker someday.

I remember when I went to high school, for each language subject we had a debate after some new lesson regarding it. To be honest, that was the best way for me to learn other languages. There was always a teacher that would help us out when we got stuck with some word, pronunciation, or grammar, and we also worked as a team and helped each other a lot. Besides that, we had so much fun doing it and got to know each other a lot more. We got to discuss our personal problems and things that happened to us, just in a language that wasn’t our mother tongue.

The best part of these debates is that you get to share your own views on different things but also get the chance to see how other people think and see the both sides of the story. Sometimes, you will get the chance to upgrade your attitudes regarding some topic, but it can be even better. You will also get the chance to prove someone that they are wrong. And don’t start on me with the whole ‘’that’s not the point’’ and ‘’I don’t suffer from being right all the time’’ because we all love that feeling of being right.

So, in case you are the ESL student or a teacher, check out these 17 best debate topics for English language students because they would definitely come in handy!

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