17 Best Debate Topics for English Language Students

What are the best debate topics for English language students? It is very important that we should learn the art of debate. Having an interesting, intelligent debate with others can fresh up our minds.  If we are learning English then it’s much better to learn it with some debate. When I studied English we alwas had debates together in the group, and it was really exciting. There are lots of interesting topics for English language students which can be discussed at school. Almost all of us like to argue, so we should make a good use of it. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting tips regarding to this topic.

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Now Inider Monkey has investigated these topics for you, so if are learning Engésih, do not hezitate and take them to your language school! We have picked four topics for now. The first one is “Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?”Some people swear by this (maybe as an excuse to eat another meal?) While others haven’t eaten breakfast since their sugary cereal childhood days. But the question is, who’s right? As for me, I agree, but I love lunch-time,too. The next topic to be discussed is “What types of learning are most effective: visual, audio or hands on?” Of course, this one’s a matter of personal preference. However, other types of learning could be helpful to those who refuse to deviate from one of the categories. For instance, those who don’t think they’re audio learners might do well with audio books. It could produce a good discussion. The next one is “Is reading English more difficult than writing in English?” This is the debate when learning any new language, so why not add it to the list? As for me, I do think reading in English is much easier than writing. At last but not leat we mention the topic, “Should driver’s licenses be revoked upon breaking the speed limit?” You’ve heard of how some foreign countries do it. The speed limits are sky high, but everyone watches their driving because they’re afraid of the consequences. What do you think?

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about best debate topics for English language students.

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