17 Cheapest Places to Live in The World That Speak English

Today everyone knows at least 2 words in English and many countries, besides Great Britain and the US are using English in everyday communication and even formal documents. These are 17 cheapest places to live in the world that speak English in case you ever decide to move from the country you live in and use English only.

There are as many languages in the world as there are countries and even more. Through the years, people tried creating the perfect unique language that would be used by everyone.  The result was half-way positive. The ones created in a professional matter, for easier communication between people such as professional sports players or professional forces such as firefighters found their way in the world as unique and one of the most practical tools there is. But when it came to the creation of written and spoken language, people had their doubts.

Pixabay/Public Domain

There were  11 languages created and, while everyone knows about Esperanto, no one used it so far and it seems to me that no one will ever soon. Programming languages are also very common and frequently used by people who are into tech, but even they won’t use it.

While these new languages would be a good thing in one sense, to break down the language barrier between nations, the problem of making people use it and learn it is still big. Even scientists refuse to take this chance.

On the other hand, the English language shows the great potential of becoming the unique language worldwide. Even though each country has its own mother tongue, English is still the most spoken language in the world, not just by the number of native speakers but by the number of fluent speakers of a different nation. The thing is, no matter where you are coming from, in case you go to some foreign country whose language you don’t understand, if you know basic English, you will find everything you want. This is why countries worldwide with the low number of speakers are trying their best to adjust to the world, which is why they include English words or even the whole package in their everyday communication.  This makes them more approachable and more appealing to foreigners and opens the door for improvement.

In case you were wondering which country you can visit or move to and use your knowledge of English language in order to improve your career or just find your way around, but for the lower living price, here are  17 cheapest places to live in the world that speak English.

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