17 High Cholesterol Foods Not to Eat

What is the high cholesterol foods not to eat ever, if you can?

Obesity is a great issue in every country, except for the poorest ones, of course.  People don’t care about including some healthy habits until it is too late. Until they get diabetes, high cholesterol, or the lack of important vitamins.


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A few years ago, I turned to a nutritionist because I couldn’t get any weight. The problem was that the more I eat, the more I lost weight. When I went to her office, I found a whole bunch of brochures regarding eating habits and each one of them was for the different purposes. There was a diet for losing weight, diets for improving blood picture, lowing down the higher blood pressure, getting the weight, or just improving eating habits.

While reading all of that I realized that none of us is eating properly. For example, one of the most frequent meals for breakfast or dinner in the country I live in is fried potatoes and fried eggs. There is always a cheese and some spices or ketchup and, of course, the white bread. None of those brochures included any of that. I mean, one of them included it once a week. All of them included two snacks per a day. But not something bought from a store. It was either baked bread or fruit. This means that we should all have at least 5 meals per a day, right? But how? Really, how? Many people can’t afford to have 2 proper meals per a day. Not to even mention more than 3. Not because of the money but because of the time.

Besides, we are all said to drink more than 3 liters of water per a day. This brings us to the next conclusion: we should all forget about our jobs and every house and family chores and only focus on eating properly, right?

Well, let’s not exaggerate. If I want to eat some bacon from time to time, I am allowed to it, right? And even doctors recommend it. Every meal that we have per a day has its purpose. The catch is to teach ourselves about abstemiousness. Still, every doctor in the world will recommend you to avoid some food as much as you can in order to avoid having the problem with cholesterol and these are those 17 high cholesterol foods not to eat.

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