18+ Outrageous Sex Apps in Apple and Android App Stores

Let’s switch to the topic that is both taboo in some countries, but interesting to all of the people around the globe – sex. Today, we are going to cover up the outrageous sex apps in Apple and Android app stores.

No matter how much we pay attention of avoiding the topic of sex in some public places or hosts, we have to be realistic: sex sells and both marketers and mobile app developers know it. That’s why there are so many commercials on TV and the Internet that present the sex insinuations even though the product that has to be advertised has nothing to do with the act of sex.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Even Disney cartoons had the sex insinuations during some of their scenes, and, face it, who would like their children to watch a cartoon that alludes to sex? But, as parents, we also enjoyed watching those movies with our children and no one seems to notice these insinuations.

When it comes to the sex apps, people use to avoid downloading the most of them because of their embarrassment. Most of them think that, if someone would find these apps on their smartphones, they will be made fun of and considered sex-obsessed. But, the truth is, there is nothing wrong in downloading sex apps and using them on a regular basis. You can always learn something new and try it out with your partner or by yourselves, why not?

We are all humans living in the 21st century. Sex is not the taboo topic anymore. We can now buy condoms and read the sex journals in the coffee shops without having anyone’s eyes on us. And we are all allowed to have sexual fantasies and share them with the closest people from our surroundings. We are not frigid. And even if some of us might consider himself/herself as a frigid person, trust me, you are not. Being frigid is just a state of mind. Sometimes, people are just too scared to express or explore their sexuality. Sometimes, they are just too scared or had a traumatic experience in the past.

It isn’t such a bad idea to spice up your sex life from time to time. It can be done with some role playing, private stripping, tying up to the bed or chair, having sex in some unusual place, trying up a new position, or trying out with some of these sex apps in Apple and Android app stores that Insider Monkey collected. So let’s see their list of 18+ outrageous sex apps in Apple and Android app stores and explore the sex world even deeper.

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