19 Best Debate Topics Related to Technology and Science

When would you pick a topic for a discussion, which would be best debate topics related to technology and science?

Having a debate with someone is the greatest way of human development. Sure, there are some unbeaten facts that always have the right and wrong answers but topics for debates are picked based on people’s personal attitude and the right answer never exist.


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The trick about the debate is finding the right opponent, a person that has the different opinion than you but is willing to give you the chance to openly express your views regarding some topic and politely explain why they have a completely different opinion. Of course, during the discussion, you have to be completely open-minded and even sometimes allow yourself to change your opinion if you believe that your opponent actually has a point.

We now live in a world where the technology rules even though we try not to admit it. Most of us look at their smartphones as soon as they open their eyes. 90% of people in the world has a TV in their house and more than a half of them is watching it on a daily basis. Even education and work is now transferred to technology, especially computers. We use it for learning new things, we use it for taking exams, we use it for collecting the data for our jobs. This really is the way to make everything easier. I couldn’t stand working somewhere where everything is on paper. Imagine having all the fractures and job-related things on paper? That would be a disaster.

The problem with technology that we use on a daily basis is that we transferred our whole lives on it. The primary issue is mobile phones, as you could already assume. I recently went out and sat in one bar where four male persons were having a beer. They sat there for 3 hours and, during that time, they all chatted. But not among themselves but on their phones. I heard the sound of a Facebook Messenger and Viber and I realized that none of them is looking for something important on the internet but they talk to other people instead of talking to each other.

And this is the start. I just said one perk and one disadvantage of technology. Do you have something to add? Or take a look at 19 best debate topics related to technology and science and think about it for a while, there might be a hidden answer for our society.

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