3 Biggest Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

Every eye turns to the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world  in these pandemic-stricken times, so we thought to attract your attention to Insider Monkey’s latest compilation. They made a great research work as usual so reading this list is a must. Without antibiotics and other medicines we wouldn’t be able to live until we can nowadays, as earlier even a simple flu was fatal. Young children died of smallpox, measles and whooping cough at the age of 6-8-10. Millions of people became disabled after getting polio, and I can remember that my mother told there was a young mother with his young son in the late 1960s. These were the times vaccine against polio was available more and more countries in the world. Our country bought millions of portion of this vaccine, and this son mentioned above got the polio couple of days earlier that the vaccine arrived at our village. So he became disabled for a lifetime because of couple of days loss.

The first company on our list Novartis, with a revenue of $47 billion and net income of $12.2 billion, right after Roche comes on the compilation. This Swiss company doesn’t only produce pharmaceuticals, but cosmetology products as well. I suppose all women know their name and productions, which represent excellent quality. Their revenues are of $50 billion, while its net income is $13.6 billion.

The first spot is given to Pfizer on the list of the 3 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world in 2020 is Pfizer, which is American company with an incredible revenues of $51 billion, and net income $16 billion. It also has more than 88,000 employess throughout the whole world. We can find there products across the earth, in every chemist’s from the smallest village to the largest megalopolis, really everwhere. This company deserves its place here with its extremely large revenues, wide range of pharmaceuticals produced and for all those things that are non-medicines, but can be bought in the apothecary’s shop. They represent a high quality and good prices, as for the pharmaceuticals. For any more interesting facts and data, please click here to see the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world

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