20 Best Summer Camps in the World

If you want your child to spend productive and educational summer instead of sitting in front of a TV during the whole day playing games, here are 20 best summer camps in the world to take into consideration.

Unlike the place where I grew up, American people are some kind of obsessed with summer camps. There are all sorts of them: from the educational and fictional ones to the musical and the ones for losing weight.


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I happen to know some nerds that spent their whole year on collecting the best reviews from their teachers, sending their own projects, and rewrite their applications. These kids just love being there. They have professionals looking after them, teaching them more advanced methods and theories, helping them while creating the new projects and innovations in order to become even better than they were when they arrived at camps.

There are also summer camps for musical wunderkinds where they are practicing and learning new songs and have many competitions among themselves.

On the other hand, there are kids that are miserable because of the fact that their parents left them in camps through the whole summer. This is the most frequent case with richer families that, instead of at least hiring a babysitter, they leave their children in camps and go traveling and resting in quiet while their children grow up hating them. It really sounds ugly, but it happens.

To be honest, I understand all of these reasons, at least partially. Honestly, I believe that kids should be kids as long as possible. I know that working habits are adopted while they are children and that it is perfect that they have some initiative. But when will they have time to be children? To spend their whole day playing with their friends? When will they have the opportunity to get out in the morning, be chased by their parents to come home to eat, and get back to their homes before the bedtime?

On the other hand, I also try to understand those parents who leave their children in summer camps for a while, just to take some rest. This summer my child didn’t visit kindergarten because his teachers weren’t working so I didn’t want to traumatize him if I don’t need to. After all, I work from the house and there wasn’t any chance that he will end up alone in the house. But after only a few days, I thought that I will die. I got used to him not being around in the morning so I was able to finish all of my chores and prepare lunch before he comes home.

Everyone has some good reason why they want their child to go to summer camp, but no one wants to send their children away to waste time. So here is the list of 20 best summer camps in the world.

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