20 Cheap Art Classes in NYC

If you are looking for a hobby where you would spend your time creatively, you might want to try with one of the 20 cheap art classes in NYC Insider Monkey recently found.

There is no better way in expressing your feelings and inner states than through the art. It is actually essential for every person to give this kind of expression from time to time and all the scientists and psychologists say that, by looking at someone’s art, especially everyday sketches, you can say a lot about a person.

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Every person in the world has something that he/she doodles whenever he/she feels bored. Some people draw cubes, some people draw eyes, some of them are more of a circle people, while there are the ones that draw either aimless lines or unusual shapes. But did you know that none of it is meaningless? Actually, there is a whole science dedicated to doodles. Deviant Art has the collection of notes from many sources compiled in one article where they explain everything regarding this kind of psychological art.
And not everything is about the shape of the drawing. Size and placement also matter. For example, it is said that people that people who draw large doodles are more likely to be reserved people but seeking for socializing. The corner doodle suggests that the person is neat and organized and not very keen to wastage, but is more into organizing, while people who draw at the center of the paper are most in need of attention.

When it comes to shapes, Robert Burns suggests that people who draw eyes are vigilant and might also be paranoid and observant. There is a whole science regarding doodling eyes and it suggests that there is a large difference between people’s drawings, but all of them are expressing person’s inner feelings. For example, people that draw big eyes have outgoing personalities, while the ones that prefer doodling smaller eyes are pretty reserved. Eyes, in general, are mostly drawn by people that seek for attention. But if you are not done after drawing just eyes and usually draw the whole face, there is an explanation for that as well. If you are trying to draw good-looking faces, it usually means that you see the good in others, while ugly and weird faces suggest that you might be mistrustful. If you are more into comic faces, you have an extreme desire to be in the center of the attention.

Names and initials are also very common, especially among teenagers that either draw the names of the person they are attracted to or their own name because they either want to be the center of the attention or break away from their family. As I said, there is a whole science regarding doodles and you can easily analyze yourself or people around you. But, on the other hand, there are people that take art more seriously, like a way to create something unique, beautiful, or like the best way to let go of something. That’s why there are many classes around the world that help students to overcome their fears and find their inner talent that is just waiting to be discovered. If you are living in New York City, you are the lucky one because New York City has the bunch of these classes to offer and these are 20 cheap art classes in NYC for you to check out.

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