20 Easy Audition Songs to Sing for Beginners

What are the easy audition songs to sing for beginners? Insider Monkey helps you to choose in their latest compilation. If you’re not trained in music and new at the game, finding easy audition songs for beginners and other generally easy songs to sing for auditions might be a challenge. In most cases, pop audition songs can be the contenders among these “easier” songs. Spoiler alert — those are definitely the majority of songs you’ll find on our list. In most cases, beginners in singing are mezzo-sopranos. Some songs to fit these voices include the end of “Home” from Beauty and the Beast, “Not for the Life of Me” from Thoroughly Modern Millie, or practically any song sung by a character who you think sounds like you.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the easy audition songs to sing for beginners from their list.

The first one is “Already Gone” – Kelly Clarkson. From Kelly Clarkson’s 2008 album, All I Ever Wanted, “Already Gone” was her third release. This single achieved #13 on the Billboard Hot 100. At the time of this release, there was an argument of fans comparing between this single and Beyoncé’s “Halo” because of a similar style of arrangement in the two songs. The two were both produced by producer Ryan Tedder. The second one o our short list should be “Inseparable” – Jasmine Trias. The single “Inseparable” was sung at first by Natalie Cole. This upload is a cover version by Jasmine Trias, a Filipino-American singer. The release of the album was done in 2006 by Universal Records Philippines. You can get the physical album at Mia Music & Books online shop from Japan. At last, but not least here’s “The way you make me feel” – Find Lil Rounds (Original is Michael Jackson). Lil Rounds was a Top 13 winner in the eighth season of the reality show, American Idol. Rounds was among the initial front-runners in Hollywood Week, and way back from the auditions. Lil Rounds has been reprimanded for picking the wrong choice of songs though, and has also been described with the words “karaoke” and “copycat.”




For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 20 easy audition songs to sing for beginners.

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