20 Largest Air Forces in the World

Care to know about 20 largest air forces in the world? You are at the right place!

To be honest, I don’t really know that much about largest air forces in the world. Actually, I do not know very much about air forces in general. As far as I am concerned, it includes military airforce, period!

Pixabay/Public Domain

But if you think about it, air forces are very important part of the military. The only problem, that is actually resolved nowadays, is the very loud sound of planes while flying. But, in the times of war, when bombs are exploding all around and guns are shooting almost every minute, you don’t really hear them. Besides, the new ones are designed so that you can barely hear them. They have special motors and propellers that are a lot quieter so they can barely be noticed. Which is a good thing. At least for pilots. People that are bellow them are in trouble. But, I guess that a man has to do what a man has to do.

These 20 largest air forces in the world that Insider Monkey’s team researched actually represents almost 70% of all combat in the world and 10 largest air forces in the world are operating more than 40% of all military aircraft in the world. When I see these numbers, I get a real headache. It means that almost half of a world’s aircraft is controlled by those countries, right? So what happens when some other country has a conflict with it? Even if that country doesn’t attack first, it can be devastating for its residents. In every war, residents are the biggest victims. They are innocent victims that didn’t even think about the war, that didn’t even make some conspiracy theory. They only wanted to live their lives, but because of the bad government in the country they have to live in, they end up losing their beloved ones or their own lives. And even if they and people they love survive, their homes are wrecked. They end up having nowhere to live and have to build new homes while their taxes are increased so that government could renew the country.

On the other hand, countries that have those strongest air forces can rely on them a lot. They can be sure that they won’t be defeated and that their military is going to save their lives. So let’s see 20 largest air forces in the world.

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