20 Largest Airports in the World in 2017

Let’s take measurements and countdown picks for 20 largest airports in the world in 2017!

But what makes one airport bigger than the other? Is it the size of the field? The number of passengers it can transfer per a day? The total aircraft movement? Well, to be honest, all of this.


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There was a problem with compiling this list. The latest data provided in this matter goes back to 2015 and there was nothing newer to present. But the research team working on this list realized that there shouldn’t be that major differences in only 2 years, so they took this information as primary criteria. But you should know that there are some changes made during this period. Aircraft engineers started making even bigger aircrafts and airline companies saw it as the great opportunity to cut down some expenses and provide themselves higher earnings. So now, there are bigger planes transporting more passengers. More passengers equal more money per a movement, and although bigger planes spend a bit more fuel than some smaller ones, the difference is minor in comparison to the amount of fuel that would be used if one airplane would spend on two tours for the same destination. Besides that, the maintenance is quicker and more effective and there should be more people employed.

As expected, out of 20 largest airports in the world in 2017, 12 of them are in North America, five are placed in Europe, and three in Asia. To be more specific, 11 out of 20 are in the US (no kidding), 2 are placed in China, while United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Turkey, Canada, and Japan each had a room for only one of 20 largest airports in the world.

As a proud, European girl, I am going to mention the European ones. Although I don’t live in any of these countries, I am glad that they are mentioned in the list about 20 largest airports in the world in 2017.

The Turkish largest airport is Atatürk International Airport that is located in Istanbul and had the total aircraft movement of 464,865. It is counted that it can handle 61.8 million passengers and 771,240 tons of cargo.

Moving forward to Amsterdam Airport in Netherlands that has a bit lower capacity of passengers than Turkey (54.9 million), but makes it all up with the aircraft movement of 465,521 and the 1,655,353 tons of cargo that can carry.

The next one is Frankfurt Airport, located in Germany that has 468,153 total aircraft movements and can handle 61 million passengers (the third busiest airport in Europe) and carries 2,076,734 tons of cargo (9th in the world among the busiest airports by cargo traffic).

If these numbers are this high, can you guess numbers for the UK and France? I doubt it. And what if I told you that France is the highest ranked among the largest airports in the world of all European airports and it took only 10th place on the list? Curious enough? Read the rest of the list by clicking on  20 largest airports in the world in 2017!

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