20 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes of All Time

We have all heard about Jordan Shoes and some of us have already seen them or even wore them. But even though they are said to be prestigious, are they really the most expensive basketball shoes of all time?


Pixabay/Public Domain

Hell no! Jordan Shoes are one of the best sellers and one of the most expensive shoe brand in the whole world. The most expensive pair of Jordan’s Shoes were Air Jordan 12 that Michael wore in 1997 on NBA Finals, during the Game 5. At that time he was playing, as you all already know, for Chicago Bulls and he scored 38 points during this game only. The buyer has remained unknown until this day but there is one fact that remained uncovered: the price of the shoes.  This pair was sold on one auction where it reached the price of 104,765 US dollars. Amazing, right?

But what is more amazing is that this pair of shoes is still not the most paid basketball shoes ever. Although they are not having his name, they are still connected to greatest NBA player of all times, Michael Jordan. The most expensive basketball shoes of all time are Converse Fastbreak Mids that had been sold at SCP Auction for 190,372 dollars! Not just that they were named the most expensive basketball shoes of all time, but they are the most expensive shoes of all time in any sports. They were worn, as I already mentioned, by Michael Jordan at the Olympic Gold Medal Game in 1984.

Don’t have a headache, these are only shoes from the list of 20 most expensive basketball shoes of all time that were sold for more than $100,000. Still, it seems to me that everything that was touched or designed by Michael Jordan turns to gold, don’t you think that as well? Although, as I already said, not all of those shoes are that expensive, even though for all of them you will need to save up more than $4,000, which certainly isn’t a joke to us mortals. I mean, do you know what can I get for $4,000? I could live for 2 months without having a headache about any expense and even have for buying a car without any issue. Of course, none of these shoes were sold to some student who works in a coffee shop to survive until the end of the exams, but by serious people handling serious money. Let’s see now that fabulous list of 20 most expensive basketball shoes of all time.

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