20 Most Sexually Active Colleges in USA

Let’s spice up this morning with 20 most sexually active colleges in USA.

College is very hard time for everyone. While high school was the time for a hard decision, college is time for sleepless nights and reading more books than some people read during their whole lives.


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Besides too many things to read and memorize, there is one more, and I can say even bigger problem, and that’s the pressure. The whole family and everyone from student’s surrounding is pushing him so hard with questions and demands, which makes the whole situation even worse.

Still, college is once – in – a – lifetime period when students all around the world do everything that they want without any regrets whatsoever. They are allowed to drink as much as they want and the most frequent actions in these circles is experimenting. This is the period when girls kiss other girls when guys hit on girls that they never would in their lives when people have more than one sexual partner in the same night or even the same time. This is the time when ‘Girls gone wild’ becomes live. And everything is allowed.

And who can blame them? After the deadlines, everyone needs to relax. Sex isn’t illegal and the USA gives its residents a big privilege in the view of sexual freedom. Unless something is illegal, who cares? I mean, is it better to do these kinds of things while in a college or after you get your degree and start working for some serious company? Or when the right time comes to get married and have kids?

College sex is an innocent time. The only issue you need to be aware of are STDs. So, as soon you start college, arm yourselves with lots of condoms so that you won’t take chances to get some disease. Besides that, everything else remains just a great memory and experience. And, trust me on this, unless you are a nerd who is going to be stuck with books during the whole college time, you are going to have a great time. Of course, you should never forget why you came here in the first place. Your college chores shouldn’t be neglected. You should be aware that your studying is your parent’s expense and they are not all millionaires.

I took you too much time, didn’t I? Let’s see those 20 most sexually active colleges in USA.

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