20 Most Widely Spoken Languages In The World

Have you ever wondered, besides English, what are 20 most widely spoken languages in the world?

A language is a glue that holds us all together. All living creatures have their own language that sets them apart from other species. Although we are taught in school that we are only living creatures that can speak, that isn’t true. All species are speaking among themselves but we are the only ones who can understand ourselves. But do we?

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Residents of each country are speaking their own language and, in most cases, people living in countries next to each other can’t understand each other. Some countries have similar languages so they understand themselves easier. For example, England and the US, Serbia, and Croatia, Germany and Austria. But what happens when you put a person from France next to a person from Iraq? They can only understand each other by using their hands and it is questionable whether they would understand each other’s intentions completely.

In the second half of the 19th century, scientists tried to create the unique language that would be understandable to people all around the globe. Unfortunately, even though the idea was perfect, it wasn’t so successful in practice. First of all, not everyone wanted to learn the new language and, therefore, there weren’t that many people speaking it.

On the other hand, people were always willing to learn about new cultures and new languages so that they can travel, communicate with people from different countries, or just know more things in their lives. Some of them learned a new language by moving to another country and living there for a while. Some of them learned from other people. At the end, schools decided to put foreign language as a subject.

Now, besides learning 2+2, first graders are learning how to say ’Hello’ in some different language. Which is great, because everything is easier to be learned when you are a kid. Personally, I started speaking two foreign languages before school because I watched cartoons like many people from my surrounding.

English is most widely spoken a language in the world, mostly because of the shows, movies, books etc. Although, for example, China has more residents that England, it doesn’t have more students to learn it because people find it too hard to learn all those signs. It looks even harder when you hear that even Chinese people don’t know all signs. So how would you learn it? It is actually quite easy when you learn the basics, but we will get to that some other time. But let’s see now 20 most widely spoken languages in the world.

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