20 Oldest Hotels in the World that Still Exist

The weekend came so it might be the right time to visit one of 20 oldest hotels in the world that still exist.

Running a hotel is not an easy business. I don’t know how many of you have watched the show on TLC regarding this topic. I really can’t remember the title or the name of an anchor but I know that he goes on call and help out people whose business is going to fail because of the bad running.


Pixabay/Public Domain

I knew that every business might come out as a pain in the… chest, but I really didn’t know how difficult can be to open the hotel in the first place, gain customers, and remain on the top, especially after it starts running down.

But some people managed to discover a secret about doing the business and their hotels are running through generation. And not just running and working. They became landmarks of certain areas, which gives them even bigger value.

Don’t get me wrong, none of these hotels are old enough to fall apart. Each one of them is reconstructed and completely safe and many of them even have the modern design now and their service is said to be impeccable. These actually are one of the secrets of their success and they are probably going to work for quite a while. Besides their attitude and the service, there is one more thing that makes these hotels this popular and that’s the history. The majority of them have some spectacular story behind, for example, having some big name as their regular guest. Some of them just have that old and historical sense that brings new generations back in the old days, where everything was nicer and somehow easier. Of course, they have newer technologies and provide the WiFi network for its guests. I mean, they are not savages.  But there is still something that brings you into those old days when men were gentlemen and women were ladies, when men wore suits even when they went to the stores, and women never went out without a hat and a nice hair.

When I say old, I mean really, really old. Not 50 years-old, not a century old, but many generations and era old. I mean many wars, many rulments, I mean a millenia. When I say the oldest, I mean Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan old.  This Japanese hotel exists since 705. This hotel isn’t renovated that much which makes it one of the hotels with the oldest tradition in the world. Since its opening, it is run by the exact same family, all 52 generations so far. Amazing, right? Since they wanted to maintain the tradition, they didn’t make any relevant differences so it still has only 37 rooms but they managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records.

Let’s see the rest of 20 oldest hotels in the world that still exist.

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