20 Problem Solving Games for Kids

What are the 20 problem-solving games for kids and why are they so important for their development?

Aristotle once said that the human mind is originally an empty vessel. They still aren’t aware of the world they live in, all the knowledge that is passed as the legacy to the younger generations, nor all the cruelty that rules in this world. When they are in their earliest age, their parents, day takers, and teachers are the ones that should pass them their knowledge and experience, but the mistake that the majority of parents usually make is to show everything to their children immediately, without giving them the opportunity to think on their own.

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Children will never become independent if they get the conclusion that their mommy and daddy would always be there to solve all of their problems. This might be fine while they are still toddlers, but what the majority of parents don’t understand that, once their child gets used to something, there is no way of turning them back. They are often convinced that their little birds would be able to leave their nests on their own and fly without their parents as soon as they are old enough, which really sounds interesting in theory, but the practice showed a bit different results. It showed that people don’t get independent through the years, but the opposite. They get even more used to being around someone else.

I don’t say that you should give your 3-year-old knife and peanut butter to prepare its own meal, but at least let them find out on its own how to get down the chair. In your presence, of course, but stop taking him in your arms whenever he can fall. It is natural. Ask your parents how many times you fell off the chair or a bed. The answer might shock you.

Besides their motoric skills, their brains should be practiced as well. Again, you can’t offer them all the solutions. They might learn it faster, but there is no way that he would figure something on his own anytime soon because you have his back. There are many different games nowadays that help your child practice his mental skills that are both educational and entertaining. Even if your child doesn’t play it right from the very beginning, give him some time. He would learn. The best solution, in my opinion, is giving him these problems while he is in a group of peers. You will accomplish two goals. First of all, your child would socialize and learn how to behave in a group and, second, there might be children that already know something that your child doesn’t and vice versa and they can learn it from each other. It is far easier for kids to copy one of their own but the older ones. So next time you look for an entertainment for your child, seek for any of these 20 problem-solving games for kids.

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