20 Things to Do in NYC with Toddlers

You may be a mom of a toddler and you would like to go out in NYC – you should read about things to do in NYC with toddlers. I recommend Insider Monkey’s article for not only mom, but baby-sitters, aunts, and other relatives, who spend more time with young children. I think it’s always useful to refresh our idea-bank in order to do something different with the children we look after.

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As for me I much prefer showing children healthy things, such as nature, excursions, animals, or some funny but cultural activity, like theatre for kids, anything we can do together. I have always loved to observe how children’ mind broadens and happily they see the new happenings of the world. As these times I felt that I saw these stuff for the first time again. The other thing I really enjoyed was to explain everything to them, or to tell stories to them.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked two items from their list as usual.

At first I mention Toys R Us Flagship Store Times Square. I assure you that your toddler will love this place, which can definitely be described as one of the biggest toy stores in the world and one of the dream places for all of the children. In this place, toddlers will be able to enjoy a life-size animated T-Rex, while Barbie lovers will enjoy the Barbie Dream House. Additionally, there is Superman who flies above, so 100% fun is guaranteed. The next idea is Max Brenner Chocolate Bar and Restaurant. So chocolate, huh? If your toddler is a chocolate fan (who isn’t!?), then you should definitely take him or her to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar and Restaurant. This is not just an ordinary restaurant where you can eat a great chocolate cake, but there are so many other interesting things made of chocolate, even Chocolate Chunks Pizza. It can be served with whatever you like, whipped cream, berries, melted chocolate, hazelnuts… It gets really crowded, so make sure to reserve your place! On Insider Monkey’s list you will really find lots of great ideas – you don’t have anything to do but pick up one every day and enjoy it with your kids!

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 20 things to do in NYC with toddlers

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