21 Best Lunch Spots in New York City Under $40 Per Person

New York City seems to be too expensive for a lunch date, and, honestly, it is. Unless you run into some of the 21 best lunch spots in New York City under $40 per person.

Since New York City is a prestigious city and home of the real elite, it is pretty difficult to find an inexpensive place to hang out whether it is just to have drinks with some friends or grab a lunch with your date or a business partner. Even the fast-food trucks might be too expensive for you, which means that having a daily meal in some restaurant is definitely out of your reach.

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But there isn’t a better thing in a whole world like when you decide to take the whole day off and spend it far away from your house and daily chores. And these days you are allowed to do everything you have ever wanted. Whether is to go to the amusement park or treat yourself with a high-class meal in a restaurant. Since you are not a student transferred to another city and you don’t need to save up every dollar, you can allow yourself to have a nice looking and a bit overpriced dish if you want. Especially if you have some business partners coming over. You can not serve some McDonald’s hamburger in your office if you are looking for sharks. You have to entertain them and treat them like kings, at least until you get your shares. But would you like your company to bankrupt while you are scouting them? Of course not. And since we all know that the most expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best, you can easily take them to some of the nicest, but also the cheapest restaurants in the city. This way you will also show them that you are able to mix the lower costs with the best products and that you are worth investing in. All the investors are more appreciating cheaper investment for a higher profits and this way, you will show them that you will know how to manage their money right.

On the other hand, if you would look for the best ideas for a date, there are only a few sites that will recommend you the lunch date. Not because it is lame, but because this one meal can cost you sometimes more than you can weekly afford and lunch is actually the cheapest meals of all.

But, luckily for you, there are 21 best lunch spots in New York City that will guarantee you the good time and the best meal, but save you a lot of money at the same time. So let’s check them out and let us know your reviews.

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