25 Best Science Jokes For Kids

Let’s provide some intellectual fun to our kids with 25 best science jokes for kids.

Like adults, kids love jokes, but modern kids are bored with jokes that we used as children. Face it, even you were disgusted by ’knock-knock’ jokes that every other person used on a daily basis. If so, how could we expect our children to be interested in that old one if their way of life is a lot far ahead of our when we were their age?


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Children of today are too advanced for their age. Actually, they are right on their track, but we are really not used to it because, although we weren’t slow, criteria, when we were younger, were far different. Besides, we didn’t have all of this equipment that our children have now. Nowadays, children live by the Internet and TV shows that, unlike the ones we watched when we were younger, are meant to teach children more things.

Have you ever noticed how actually violent and pointless were cartoons that we watched? For instance, Tom & Jerry. Although we all loved them when we were kids, nowadays, when the cartoon policy is far more strict, Tom & Jerry would be banned from the program. Since nowadays people are blaming cartoons for everything their children start doing, with all the violence happening in Tom & Jerry, who knows how would our children turn up.

But I really don’t think that Tom & Jerry made anyone violent, right? I don’t remember anyone jumping out of a window and closing the window on someone’s neck. Or putting someone’s hands above mousetraps. Ok, I have to admit that I saw people kicking cats, but I believe that people did it even before the TV appeared.

And no, I am not of the topic. I wanted to make a comparison. While we grew up next to Tom & Jerry, our children are growing up with cartoons such as Dora the Explorer. Although some parents find her annoying, she actually really comes in handy when it comes to children’s growth. She teaches them colors, landscapes, letters, animals, good behavior, numbers, counting and many more things. The youngest generations love her and think she is really cool. They really listen to her and follow her steps in the real life as well. So, if you have learned the result of 2+2 when you were 5 (yeeey you), don’t say it to your child so that you don’t embarrass yourself. He can do it by the age of 3. And be a cool parent and use these 25 best science jokes for kids.

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