25 Best States for Agricultural Inspectors

Although I don’t own stores or any other business, I hate inspections. Not because of the people, but because of the whole process that always finds you something wrong with your work. Some of them are giving you slack if it is a minor thing, but some inspectors are looking for every hole that they can charge you for. But everyone needs a job and, let’s be real, someone should take care of the ones unable to speak for themselves, which is why I have 25 best states for agricultural inspectors to present to you today.

Being an agricultural inspector is not easy as someone thinks. Besides finishing school and getting diploma or GED, after what you are required to have a degree in environmental science, biology, animal or agricultural science, you also have to have a knowledge of the FDA policies and regulations, and, besides that, being prepared for other people seeing you like their worst nightmare.

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According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary that agricultural inspectors earn per a year is around $44,260, which is about $21.28 per an hour. To find the 25 states that provide the biggest perspective for agricultural inspectors, Insider Monkey, as always, consulted the US Bureau of Labor Statistics where they found the average mean wage and the number of already employed agricultural inspectors, and the Missouri Economic Research And Information Center for cost of living index. For some reason, there weren’t all the required information for 13 states, which is why they weren’t considered for the list, even though they might be even better fit than the ones that already made it here. The reason definitely isn’t the lack of jobs in this area because none of the states’ agricultural industry wouldn’t survive without the official paperwork made by agricultural inspectors, but the government didn’t provide information as they were supposed to.

After comparing these databases, Insider Monkey’s research team managed to compile the list, and, according to them, the top three states for agricultural inspectors are Illinois, Connecticut, and Michigan. Even though Connecticut had the highest average salary of these three states of $72,820 and the lowest number of already employed agricultural inspectors of only 40 people, it took the second place just because of the extremely high cost of living index of 130.7. On the other hand, the state that took the first place on the list had 300 more people working in this field and the salary of only $58,760, which is nothing in comparison to Connecticut, it also had the lowest cost of living of all three of these states of only 88.2. And how did Illinois earned the third place? Simply with the average salary of $52,970, and the cost of living index below 100.

To see the rest of the list, check out 25 best states for agricultural inspectors by Insider Monkey.

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