25 Best States for Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians

Are you interested in finding the best state for yourself? Check out 25 best states for aircraft mechanics and service technicians.

If you are visiting this blog on a daily basis, you already know how this type of posts works. I will give you most of the facts, share some experience if I have it (I have to mention at the beginning that I don’t have any personal experience with mechanics in general, and not to mention aircraft mechanics or servicing), explain the methodology of making the list, maybe mention top 3 or top 5, and, in the last paragraph, share the link of the original article. You can easily skip at the end and click on the link, or you can stick with me for some bullet points for starters so you can get the most important information and see what you can expect.

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There are several ways of becoming an aircraft mechanic or service technician. The first one is getting the high school diploma and finishes the on-site training. The other way is attending the Federal Aviation Administration School. Some aircraft mechanics and service technicians choose to be trained in military and, after their contract is completed, they enter the public sector for aviation. Many experts in this field prefer getting the license or certificate, but this part is usually optimal.

After finishing your education and training, you will be working as an aircraft mechanic or service technician on the air field, hangars, or in repair stations.

On the average, aircraft mechanics earn $60,270, which is about $28.98. Since the working hours are very unpredictable, you could end up with almost doubled up salary at the end of the month, depending on the conditions you are working under. The best source for finding out the average salary in the US is the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which comes very useful when compiling lists like this one. Besides the average annual, monthly, and hourly wage, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics contains the exact number of employees in this field for each state individually. Based on that two information, mixed with the data from the Missouri Economic Research And Information Center about the cost of living index, the research team working for the official Insider Monkey’s website was able to wrap up the list with some finishing touches and it was ready to be published.

To see the results, check out Insider Monkey for 25 best states for aircraft mechanics and service technicians.

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