25 Best States for Nursing Assistants

Looking for a career as a nursing assistant? Stick with us to see the 25 best states for nursing assistants.

First of all, what do you need to become a nursing assistant? Be thrilled because there are not that many requirements and the whole process are quick and painless. For starters, you will need a high school diploma and some training program for a nursing assistant that doesn’t last long and after that, the only thing that is left is passing a competency exam for becoming the CNA, the Certified Nursing Assistant.

Pixabay/Public Domain

After you become the CAN, you will be having the opportunity to work in every kind of medical facility, including hospitals, nursing homes, prison medical facilities, and house care, but always under the supervising of the licensed doctor or a nurse.

To find the best states for nursing assistants, the research team had a little help from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. As a primary parameter, they took the annual mean wage, which is always on the top of everyone’s priorities but, since the high salary isn’t enough since some states have an extremely high index of living costs, this had to be the must-have parameter to take into consideration. The last one was the number of employees in this field which is important because it affects the ability and open positions to the new employees in this field. After all of these parameters were put into the equation, the list was done and ready to go. Now, all you have to do is to check out the original list of 25 best states for nursing assistants and see which one fits you the best!

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