25 Cities With Most Illegal Immigrants in America

After Trump’s declaration that he will deport all immigrants from the America, all of us started wondering where those immigrants were placed in the first place and how they even got here. There are 25 cities with the most illegal immigrants in America that Insider Monkey researched so far.

During his campaign for presidential elections, Trump announced that every Hispanic and Mexican resident especially, but others as well would be banned from the country as soon as he receives the throne. Besides that, he promised that he will build the highest wall ever seen that will go through the whole border between Mexico and the US and increase the number of guards so that no person could pass it ever.


Pixabay/Public Domain

I really don’t believe that this was the reason he was elected for a president. And neither was his success in business because we all know how many times he bankrupted. If you ask me, the only reason he got elected was that his only opponent was Hilary Clinton, who was the only person the nation hatted more. Otherwise, it would be the same. Especially if Barack Obama had the rights to start the new campaign again. But, it is the way it is and that’s just something that we need to learn how to deal with.

These 25 cities with most illegal immigrants in America seem to have the best conditions for foreigners. Or at least they had. Foreigners had no issues finding homes or jobs for themselves and their kids were very well accepted in school.  Unfortunately, the situation is likely to be changed. During Trump’s guidance, many of these people would have to move out of the country and, therefore, there would be less illegal immigrants in America. It seems that he is trying out some method for the ethnical cleaning. The only illegal immigrants that will remain in their places or at least move to another city in America will be the ones that will hide. But hiding isn’t the life or they wouldn’t even move to America in the first place. The real questions are: what will happen to them? What will happen to their lives and everything they created? Will they ever be able to get the green card and have a happy and normal life?

There are 25 cities with the most illegal immigrants in America that Insider Monkey researched so far, so let’s see their report.

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