25 Free Classes in NYC for Adults

Hey, New Yorkers, are you into some cheap fun? Better yet, are you into some free fun and learn something along the way? Yes, you read right. Attend some of 25 free classes in NYC for adults and have some time of your life.

As an adult, I learned to respect myself a lot more than I did before. I also learned that I had even higher opinion about myself if I practiced more things and were more into new things and gaining new skills.

Pixabay/Public Domain

As a teenager, I hated gym class. I saw all those exercises as a torture, even though I was well aware of the influence it had on my health. Now, whenever I find a new exercise, I wish to try it out. Did you notice how I said ’wish to try out’? It is because I never do. I always plan on starting some exercises and I only did it for a week or two. I started jogging and I got sick, so I paused it. For 7 months now. And obviously, don’t plan to continue it. Such an idiot. But, from tonight, I officially promise to start exercising. After I am done with all work and house chores.

But, besides exercising, I learned that I am very interested in many fields that I never thought about before. First of all, programming and web development. Who knew? I always considered that it is enough for me to know how to start and shut down my PC and use programs that I need for typing and making presentations. Also, I always hated programs such as Adobe Photoshop because everyone used them to improve their appearance and, of course, when you would meet them on the street… but, it turns out that Adobe Photoshop is useful in other ways.

I also enjoy learning different languages. More languages I know, better I feel about myself. Although I don’t go overboard and can’t use it like that, I enjoy in an ability to read posts and news in different languages, even though I could find some information in my mother tongue, and communicate with foreigners in their mother tongue. I find it pretty great because they can correct me and explain some things about their language better.

But the thing that I enjoy the most are free classes that you can attend, enjoy, socialize, meet the new crowd, and don’t be obligated in going back ever if I don’t like it. Just like a trial version. If you live in New York City, here are 25 free classes in NYC for adults to attend and have a great time!

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