25 Greatest Leaders of All Time

Who were the greatest leaders of all the time? You can get to know if you keep reading. Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving us some very interesting information. If you like history and biographies come with us for a historical walk. As for me, I have always loved history and biographies, autobiographies. It’s a great thing to read somebody’s thoughts who died even centuries ago.

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Some of these leaders are infamous and some of them were amazing, and thanks to these shows and movies, they come to life for a few hours and we get the chance to meet them. But who is a good leader? First of all, to be a good leader, one must be a visionary, you must believe you can achieve great things.They must be insightful and hard-working as well. Great leaders must have strong personal integrity and willingness to commit to what is the most important. And perhaps above all else, a great leader must know how to inspire people and make them wish to achieve more. My absolutely favorite leader was Mahatma Gandhi and I read his autobiography couple of years ago. It makes me remind to re-read it again.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three leaders from their list for now as usual.

The first leader is Otto Von Bismarck. Otto Eduard Leopold was the Prince of Bismarck and the Duke of Lauenburg. He was a Prussian statesman who had the major role in German and European affairs in the period between the 1860s and 1890s. He managed to unite German states and create the powerful German Empire. He is known for skillfully using the balance of power diplomacy to make sure Germany maintains its position in Europe. The second leader I picked up from Isnider Monkey’s list is Martin Luther King, Jr. I extremely respect him. Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader in the Civil Rights Movement. He fought for civil rights but in a nonviolent way. He was an American Baptist minister and an activist who led the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott. He received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for fighting against racial inequality.

But without a shadow of a doubt, my absolutely favorite and honored leader is Mahatma Gandhi. I would’t be able to leave him out from my list now. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was a leader of Indian independence movement which was then ruled by the British. He inspired civil rights movements all across the world and influenced many people to follow his footsteps. He employed nonviolent civil disobedience and led India to independence.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 25 greatest leaders of all the time

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