25 Hardest Words to Spell for 6th Graders

If you want to challenge your kid, try with some of the 25 hardest words to spell for 6th graders that Insider Monkey recently published. But don’t be mad if he or she doesn’t succeed after the first try because these words might be too hard even for you. I know that I struggled with some of them.

With today’s technology, children don’t even have to bother studying and remembering basics. Why would they if there is everything available for them on their smartphones and laptops/PCs? Frankly, I don’t think that app developers had that in mind when they launched them, but, apparently, they are doing their job.  Almost? Are you also a fan of the autocorrect fails? I know I am.

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I don’t know if this is us or the whole educational system, but it seems to me that each new generation makes even the less effort than the last one to learn something new. After all, why would they? They have calculators on their smartphones, as well as the grammar and vocabulary correctors. Even when they travel, they can easily enter Google Maps and find all information needed for some place. So why bother studying? Maybe Australian children should at least learn biology so they can know which snake species is venomous and which one isn’t? Or they can just upload the picture of the snake on Google and find out immediately. So does this mean that, with the further development of technology, our whole educational system will crash? Or we won’t be needing school nor degrees ever again? Maybe, but we are not allowed to be illiterate! We have to know how to read and write. We need to be able to count 25 times 25 in the middle of the night even when we are sick! We should definitely disable every grammar or math extension on our child’s devices. We don’t want to raise stupid kids with smartphones.

I completely understand why many children misspell the word ‘vacuum’. It is pretty strange for the word to contain two U’s next to each other. But I can’t understand even the adults not being able to spell ‘misspelled’. It doesn’t seem right.

But let me go back to the topic and explain how Insider Monkey compiled this list. This was done by going through several spelling websites and by taking Spell Quizzer, Spelling Words Well, and Your Dictionary as the main sources. Since it seems like all of the words from the list are equally difficult for 6th graders, there isn’t any particular order and the results are finally here: 25 hardest words to spell for 6th graders.

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