25 Least Tolerant Countries In the World

If you think that you live in the worst country in the world, think again. If it isn’t on the list of 25 least tolerant countries in the world, embrace it and stop complaining all the time.

According to every person in the world, we all deserve more. Our governments are suffocating us, putting us all under their rules, taking away the freedom of speech, and making us adapt to them or we would suffer some consequences.

Pixaba/Public Domain

Well, fine. But if you live in that kind of autocracy, how come you are allowed to tell all of that? Do you know what would happen if you trash talked like this some leader such as Hitler, Stalin, Tito? You would have been arrested within seconds. Or imagine you weren’t allowed to have as many children as you want, but, as soon as you got your first child, you would know that every other pregnancy would have to be doomed since your child would be taken away from you as soon as it got born.

What I wanted to say was, we all want to have a perfect life. But having a perfect life doesn’t mean that all of our wishes have to come true, especially if it means that some other person would suffer and has something taken away from him or her. If you have enough food on the table, clothes to wear, a roof over your head, and enough freedom to speak up your mind, be happy and aware that many people in other countries can’t afford it. None of it.

The countries that I wanted to discuss today are the ones that exclude human rights and have zero tolerance towards minorities. To find those ones, there were several sites that had to be included in the calculation. The first one was the Human Rights Watch and the second one was the Legatum Prosperity Index. The most interesting thing is that there were none of the Western countries mentioned on the list.

The thing is, every government will work for itself. Each presidency candidate would promise everything they can think off to residents until he gets elected and be sure that, as soon as he hits the throne, he would put his own needs in front of everyone else’s. But some of them also tries to help out citizens as much as they can, while, on the other hand, there are the ones that tend to spread their own beliefs and treat everyone like lower beings. Although his job is to raise awareness and humanity, some of the presidents don’t do their jobs right, which is why the country they rule in is on this list of 25 least tolerant countries in the world. So check it out.

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