25 Most Populated Cities in the US

During the pandemic we could see thousands of ghost-towns everywhere across the United States, due to the self-isolation, and at such a time we wouldn’t think how crowded these cities are on an average day; this made us to bring Insider Monkey’s brand new article about the 25 most populated cities in the US. What’s more, the coronavirus spread faster in the most populated cities, such as New York., as we could see its heroic struggle against the pandemic.

Some kind of modern urbanization is happenning, as more and more people tend to move around and into the large cities, in order to live in the outskirts and have a more prosperous future. As we have written in our former articles, lots of companies outsource producing into other countries, where workforce is cheaper and the laws are permissive. Consequently more and more people lose their jobs in the United States, who then leave their former residence and concentrate around larger towns and cities in the hope of a better life. We can see industry-specific cities, such as Chicago [manufacturing], San Francisco [technology], New York [finance], and Houston [energy].

We must remark this list is based on fresh estimates. And now, without a further ado, let’s have a look at the  25 most populated cities in the US.

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25. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Population: 655,057

Total land area: 606.41 sq miles

24. Detroit, Michigan:

Population: 670,03

Total land area: 138.75 sq miles

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23. Nashville-Davidson metropolitan government, Tennessee:

Population: 670,820

Total land area: 475.13 sq miles

22. El Paso, Texas:


Total land area: 255.24 sq miles

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21. Boston, Massachusetts:


Total land area:48.28 sq miles

20. Washington, District of Columbia:

Population: 705,749

Total land area: 61.05 sq miles

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19. Denver, Colorado:

Population: 727,211

Total land area: 153 sq miles

18. Seattle, Washington:

Population: 753,675

Total land area: 83.94 sq miles

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17. Indianapolis, Indiana:

Population: 876,384

Total land area: 361.43 sq miles

16. San Francisco, California:

Population: 881,549

Total land area:46.87 sq miles

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15. Charlotte, North Carolina:

Population: 885,708

Total land area: 297.68 sq miles

14.Columbus, Ohio:

Population: 898,553

Total land area: 217.17 sq miles

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13. Fort Worth, Texas:

Population: 909,585

Total land area: 339.82 sq miles

12. Jacksonville, Florida:

Population: 911,507

Total land area: 747 sq miles

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11. Austin, Texas:

Population: 978,908

Total land area: 297.90 sq miles

10. San Jose, California:

Population: 1,021,795

Total land area: 176.53 sq miles

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9. Dallas, Texas:

Population: 1,343,573

Total land area: 340.52 sq miles

8. San Diego, California:

Population: 1,423,851

Total land area: 325.19 sq miles

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7. San Antonio, Texas:

Population: 1,547,253

Total land area: 460.93 sq miles

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Population: 1,584,064

Total land area: 134.10 sq miles

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5. Phoenix, Arizona:

Population: 1,680,992

Total land area: 516.70 sq miles

4. Houston, Texas:

Population: 2,320,268

Total land area: 599.59 sq miles

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3. Chicago, Illinois:

Population: 2,693,976

Total land area: 227.63 sq miles area

2. Los Angeles, California:

Population: 3,979,576

Total land area: 468.67 sq miles

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1. New York City, New York:

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, can boas with 8,336,817 people on a land area of 302.64 square miles, all this makes New York city the first on among the 25 most populated cities in the US.

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