25 Off The Beaten Path Things to Do in NYC

New York is a city that never sleeps, so you can find off the beaten path things to do in NYC, as well. Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving us some very useful tips. New York is one of the top destinations to visit in the world and has a unique mixture of history and modern age. You can also find high-end fashion and along the busy streets of New York are also the busy people who call it home. Just like its skyscrapers, The Big Apple also has soared high in aspects not only fashion but in financial and cultural part as well. The people here prove how diverse this city is. You can find almost all nationalities and you can taste almost all cuisines. Activities in New York are also as eclectic and interesting as its people. We are not just talking about a stroll in the park, but activities like painting and even pottery are open to people of all ages. While there are regular things we can do in New York, there are also those odd things to do in NYC and odd places to visit as well. You’ll be amazed at what these off the beaten path things may bring you especially if you are into adventure and discovering something odd.

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Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three items from their list as usual.

Zelda Fitzgerald’s Abandoned Sanatorium also dubbed as Craig House is a Gothic mansion that used to be an elite mental institution.  Now the haunted place lies eerily in upstate New York.  The place remains untouched and it is in the process of decaying.

The Trinity Place Bank Vault Bar focuses on fine dining, and diners will pass through the vault door which dates way back to 1904. A wide selection of menu and drinks are available, which will make for a fun and unique evening out with friends.

WXY Architecture was responsible for making The SeaGlass Carousel possible.  This is not just fantasy, as it will leave you with a magical impression of romance. Children of all ages can ride, as well as children at heart. It would make a great spot for your next date.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 25 off the beaten path things to do in NYC.

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