3 Countries That Consume The Most Beer In The World

Are you interested in the 3 countries that consume the most beer in the world? If so, Insider Monkey’s latest article is a must-read. Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, and through the centuries people was obsessed to produce and then to drink it. Nowadays there are wide range of beers across the globe, and the producers have a fierce competition among each other to sell the largest quantity of this yellow nectar. If you also love drinking beer, this article will be a really arresting one or you, and perhaps while reading Insider Monkey’s compilation, you are drinking a glass of beer from this list. As for me, I don’t really like alcoholic beverages, except for beer. It’s a little bit strange, as women generally don’t like it, since it’s bitter more or less, but I think a good glass of beer can compensate even a bad day.

On the third spot on the list you can find Spain of course, as this nation definitely consume a lot of beer per capita. Nevertheless, checking the whole list, you will see that thre are mainly European countries on this compilation. But let’s turn back to Spain, as for the catering industry, beer means the 40% of all alhocolic beverages consumed. Who would stand on the second spot if not Poland? These valian people are really fond of consuming lots  of beer, because of it or not – they are very kind and friendly. Visiting this country means to enjoy hospitality, have great meals, and taste their beers.

And on first spot of the 3 countries that consumes the most beer in the world, without a shadow of a doubt you can see Germany. Germany helds the famous October fest, where extremely large quantity of beer is drunk year by year, and hundreds of thousends of tourists visit this gorgeous festival. What should be better entertainment than gi to this festival and taste all the beers you can see, and then have some from all those delicious German meals served there. This year this festival won’t be held, but in next one if you can visit it, do not miss it!

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