3 Free Online Photography Courses with Certificates

No matter whether you are looking for a job, or just want to have the written, black on white proof that you mastered your photography skills, you should check out 3 free online photography courses with certificates that Insider Monkey recently published.

Nowadays, everyone’s becoming a photographer. For some reason, people think that it’s enough just to buy a new camera and install some filters in their PC or laptop and that they career may begin.

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On the other hand, everyone needs some place to start and, if they think that promoting themselves via some social network is enough, I completely get it. For example, I have been looking for a job as a writer, translator, or private teacher for a couple of years now and I never got any success by just talking about it with some friends. Finally, my friend got bored with me constantly talking about looking for a job and he made me a Facebook page with my name and contact on it, offering services from my profession and invited some of his friends to join it. Although some of them wanted to support me by joining the group, none of them was aware of my capabilities and, frankly, many of them were already working in some big companies that didn’t need my services.

On the other hand, I was the one having a lot of friends on Facebook who were seeking for someone with my degree, but I was too ashamed to show them my group and offer to finish something for them for some amount of money. As you might already assume, my dream career as an English and German teacher and translator died even before it started and it wasn’t until the last year when I found out about some of the secure online freelancing platforms where I could offer my services and knowledge to a complete strangers, which I felt more comfortable with.

But not everyone’s like me. When I enter my Facebook or Instagram account, many of my creative friends are posting their masterpieces. It doesn’t matter whether it is a makeup or photography art, some columns, or some home crafts. They are trying their best to be the best and gain the most advantage of it as they can. We live in the time where having a degree doesn’t mean anything. If you go into some big corporation, you may find a bunch of people with some college degree completely unaware and uninterested in what they were doing, while, on the other hand, there are some uncertified employees who were homeschooled by themselves in what they were interested in, doing a far better job.

But sometimes it can’t hurt having some certificate, especially if the course is online and free. If you are into photography, then you might want to consider visiting some of the 3 free online photography courses with certificates Insider Monkey’s team dug up.

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