30 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America

Let’s explore the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

Nowadays, you are not safe anywhere, not even in your own home, surrounded by people you know your whole life. How many times you heard in the news that a man killed his wife and, even worse, parents killed their children or the opposite. A few years ago, in the city I live in, in a house right next to one of the popular clubs, during the party, while music was on, a man killed his own mother and put her head on the table so that the older brother could find it after he got home.

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When you realize that you can’t be safe in your own home, you already know that you will pass a lot worse on the street. Two years ago, a guy crashed at the birthday party. A boy, whose parents are really influential around here, decided that it is his place to show this guy where he belongs. He put out the knife and went for him. In self-defense, the guy crashing the party turned the knife and killed a 17-years-old boy. In my opinion, he was innocent. After all, who could really think straight in a situation like that? In situations like this, the rules of wilderness rule. The strongest one lives. You don’t think. You just act and try to save your own life. At the end, he got 2 years in prison.
One month ago, a 28-years-old guy was killed in front of his building. He got back from the party. Never touched anyone. Never got into a fight. The only reason that anyone can think of is that someone was trying to get back to his father who is a lawyer. Until now, the killer was not identified. And you know what the worst thing is? The city I live in is considered to be one of the safest cities in this area. So what kind of creepy things are happening in other parts of the country? I even stopped reading the newspaper in order to avoid finding it out. I have a little kid. I know that, in a few years, I will have to leave him alone at home. I will need to let him go out on the street to play or to go to school. He might decide to start playing football or volleyball so he will be going on his own. Sure, I can be one of those obsessive mothers that hold her son’s hand all the time, but, after all, I need to let him go sometimes, which is why it is important to know where we live. And these are 30 most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

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