35 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime

If you have already subscribed to Amazon Prime, here are 35 best documentaries on Amazon Prime for you to watch.

Amazon Prime is the great platform for movie lovers. Here, you can find literally every movie that has ever been filmed in the history. This is why it became really popular among all generations and no person in the world regrets paying the subscription and there is $6.4 billion revenue to prove it.


Pixabay/Public Domain

But why do I write about documentaries on Amazon Prime if there are many more interesting genres and revelations on the platform? Well, there are several reasons and, trust me, they are all legitimate.
First of all, people stopped reading books a long time ago. For some reason, it is like taking the book became very embarrassing. Seeing someone with a book instead of showing them as intellectuals, started showing them as nerds. Unless it is some ‘’Sex and the City’’ or ‘’The 50 Shades of Grey’’ sop opera

But, at least we have a solution. People are obsessed with sitting in front of the TV or their PCs and watching different channels and, luckily, movie producers found the ways to make people more productive and that’s by making documentaries. When you look it a bit closer, you will realize that this is actually a lot better than learning from books. First of all, we gain new information about some specific event from the past each day. Is it easier to publish it as a movie sequel or by changing school books from the beginning until the end and making new generations to learn maybe even inaccurate facts? Second of all, documentary makers manage to find many more evidence besides written ones. They manage to find eye witnesses and professionals on who we can rely on to talk in front of the camera in front of the whole world, which is far more convincing than resting the case based on 3 book writers.

But even so, we should always be careful when watching documentaries. Anyone with a professional camera can make one, but, while some people are doing it for both glories and opening people’s eyes, there are the ones that just want to gain some profit so they make movies that many times don’t have anything to do with the truth. They even went that far that they invented new creatures and made the whole intellectual society chase for them. That is why Insider Monkey made a list of 35 best documentaries on Amazon Prime that are conspiracy theories free for you to watch.

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