35 Best Documentaries on Amazon Prime

If you are a fan of documentaries, here are 35 best documentaries on Amazon Prime to check out.

Amazon Prime subscription shouldn’t be a waste of money since it really increased the revenue of the Amazon. It is a great feature for people who enjoy streaming movies, documentaries, music and TV shows without additional costs.


Pixabay/Public Domain

No matter which topic you are interested in, you can be sure that you will find it here. Amazon invests a large amount of money into the original content so there can be found documentaries that are locked for every other type of streaming platforms.

As we grow older, we realize how efficient and useful documentaries are. Movie directors are making a great deal about finding the most important data and trustworthy resources, as well as the videos, pictures, and interviews with experts so that the viewers will get the full picture of the topic.
This is the best way of learning about something. Forget the books and blogs, forget the Museums with tour guides that are only repeating something they read in their books. Forget about the speeches of politicians. None of it is as fun as learning about something through watching documentaries.

But there is one issue regarding documentaries – a man can never know whether some documentary is trustworthy or just made for the money. There are many movie directors that are using their knowledge in making movies just for the profit. Naturally, they saw making documentaries as one of the best money resources on the market and decided to try it out. But in some cases, they are too lazy or not interested at all to check information or find out something new so they make up their own lines that actually have nothing to do with the truth. If at the beginning of the movie, it is emphasized that all events, videos, witnessing, and data are made up, it is ok. The audience immediately gets a point and it is their decision whether they are willing to watch until the end or not. But some of them ’accidentally’ forget to put it on a cover or in the intro part, so people get confused and start believing in something that makes zero sense.

Luckily, the majority of videos on Amazon Prime are checked and, out of 4,986 documentaries available, these are 35 best documentaries on Amazon Prime!

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