35 Worst Most Dangerous Ghettoest Cities in America in 2017 Ranked By FBI

Have you ever wished to get the insight into the database of the FBI? In that case, let’s see some intriguing facts from their files: 35 worst, most dangerous, ghettoest cities in America in 2017 ranked by FBI.

I have always been fascinated by the FBI. Their equipment, their cases, but I always thought that their job is supposed to be a secret. Like a hero from the shadow. They boost their energy, discover things that are just supposed to happen, catch criminals on time and don’t require any gratitude whatsoever.


And even though this is a partial truth, their job is still one of the most important jobs in the world. It is no wonder why they are not supposed to tell anyone where they are working and be undercover all the time. Personally, it would be hard for me to do it, especially because I tend to speak a lot. It is like pressing a button of some annoying monkey that sings a song and the button gets broken so you need to wait for batteries to die. Well, that’s me. But with rechargeable batteries. I don’t even shut up in my sleep. Everyone that has ever been in a room next to me while I was asleep told me that I either mumble or argue. So, in case I ever started working with the FBI, I believe that I would, after only a few months, if not less, tell someone how special I am and that the project I am working on is top secret, which is why I can’t tell. So, I guess I will be fired very soon.

But even though FBI is mostly working on top secret projects, there is also information that is supposed to be revealed. For example, after some hardcore criminal is caught and there is no further net to be uncovered, there is no harm in telling the world that this man is locked behind the bars and there is no reason to be scared anymore. Also, things they did and the way he did them are free to be said in public. The whole point of agencies like this is to make the world safer place and, until that time comes, if it ever comes, to know which parts should be avoided or, at least, be more cautious in. So let’s see 35 worst, most dangerous, ghettoest cities in America in 2017 ranked by FBI.

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