4 Most Adulterous Countries in Africa

Now we present you with the list of the most adulterous countries in Africa based on Insider Monkey’s list. Since marriage has existed, adultery has been committed also. There are examples for adultery even in the Bible, or the Law of Hammurabi mentioned an example. Its punishment was generelly “eye for eye” punishment, and all of us know what it meant. Nowadays there are still countries where the adulterous woman pays with her life for committing it.

Through the centuries adultery was regarded to be a sin for women and in several cultures for men, too. The biggest religions concern it as a sin, such as Christianity, or Judaism and Islam. But it’s needless to say that times have changed a lot, and although adultery isn’t approved, but at least people in most society people close their eyes when it comes to cheating on their partners.

On the other hand, we were curious if there existed countries where adultery isn’t taboo or regarded to be a crime. Now, we have four countries on this list, which is a short selection from Insider Monkey’s latest article about this topic. Nevertheless I must remark cynically that the old Europe is rather hypocritical concerning adultery. For example 47% of French people regard adultery and unacceptable thing, but it’s they, who extremely love short affairs even when being married. Sometimes I think everybody cheats on everybody and we can’t find even one honest marriage.

But let’s turn back to Africa. According to Insider Monkey’s research we can see significant and arresting data, such as 51% of African women and 58% of men are adulterous. Naturally there aren’t any officially published ones, but  adultery is concerned to be the main reason for divorces in Africa. Promiscuity causes lots of problems in marriages, not only in Africa, bu throughout the whole world. Anyhow, just to say something good too, we have recently published a great list in which we named several countries, where you can easily find virgin wife. It can be surprising but you will find African countries on the list, too!

And now, without a further ado let’s check out the list of the most adulterous countries in Africa.

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4. Togo

The first country on our list now is Togo, where about 37% of married men have already had at least once a one night stand in their married life. Or at least they claim to have committed it.


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3. Egypt

If you try to find official percentage for the rate of adultery in Egypt, you won’t be successful, but there are facts that show this country is one of the most adulterous countries in the world. Around one of four Egyptians claims to have had affairs outside marriage, which means a pretty large number.


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2. Nigeria

We are half way on our list of the most adulterous countries in Africa. The next country is Nigeria. According to some surveys Nigerian women are really unfaithful, as 62% of them are reported to cheat on their husbands, but many Nigerians claim that’s not true, as women of this country are the most faitful ones in the world. Well, it’s up to you which story you believe.


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1. South Africa

South Africa seems to be on the first place of several lists, now it’s ranked to be the number one on this  of the most adulterous countries in Africa. If you are interested in the statistics, well 51% of women and 58% of men are said to commit adultery. Cheating on the spouse often leads to divorce as this is the 30% of the reasons for divorce in this country.


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