4 Most Sexually Liberated Churches or Religions in the World

If you are interested in religions and want to find out what are the 4 most sexually liberated churches or religions in the world, now you are at the best place, as we are here to show you a great list about it. Insider Monkey have come out with an excellent article regarding to the liberated churches.

Sexuality and religion have always been a sensitive issue. If this topic comes up many of you may think of the scandals happened in the Catholic church lately, such as sexual child abuse, or priests having lovers instead of celibacy. Insider Monkey’s list investigated for example  according to a survay in Australia in 2017, tens of housands of children were sexually abused both in schools or churches in the last decades.

On the other hand, related to the premarital intimacy different Christian denominations have different thoughts and designations for it, as some of them call premarital sex, but others say there is only non-marital and marital one. Different explanations of the Bible give different answers for these questions. However it is generally considered to be a sin, so it’s prohibited.

Now, as Christmas is around the corner, and we have only two weeks to light the candles on the Christmas tree, we may think more about religion, and although Christmas is not a holiday which would be about sexuality, we take this list of Insider Monkey now, and we’ll show you the four most sexually liberated churches in the world.

What do you think how many churches/religions there are in the world now? Well, you can find some 4,300 ones, and the number is always changing. For instance, in Iceland some Germanic pagan beliefs have been  re-established recently, and nowadays there is a growing religion: church Ásatrúarfélagiđ, or Asatru.

I don’t know what the situation is with you, but as for me, I was brought up in a religious family, which has always been a great help for me, in all ways  and difficulties of life. I mean I have never felt any disadvantages of being religious. We attend to the Reformed Church that is quite liberate (in connection with promiscuity not really) and does not mean to cripple its worshippers, although it’s a little strict religion. I have never had problems with my church, but I must confess that  Reformed Church is not really tolerant to LGBT people.

We also must warn you that it’s never easy to speak about sexuality in various religions, as they can change through time and they have evolved throughout centuries and millenia. For instance in Hinduism premarital relationships are waterthin ice, because it’s only allowed for the royal family and members of the higher classes.

We hope you are very curious about the four religions we have picked up from Insider Monkey’s list. You don’t need to do anything else, but to sit in your armchair comfortably with a glass of delicate wine in hand, and follow our article now. What do you think, what are the most sexually liberated churches in the world? Don’t know? Then, come with us!

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4. Satanism

Satanism is a religion that sounds very scary, even today, and it is stigmatized by Christians. For many people it means something demonic, medieval,bad, evil and bloody. Satan itself is a fallen angel, he was an angel besides God. Nowadays there are some modern Satanist churches that are different from what we write above. Sex, LGBT, women are considered from a completely different point of view than in other religions. It is liberal and tolerant to everyone, therefore it gives freedom to people, but rape is an exception.

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3. Taoism

Taoism was developed in China, and it’s a philosophical teaching. Taoism is about spontaneous and simple life. This is the relgion where we got the yin yang concept from, which spread around the world as a philosophical thought. According to Taoism, orgasms and sex are important part of life and we can find a complex philosophy behind it.

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2. Wicca

Now we are half way on our list of the most sexually liberated churches in the world, let’s go on with it! Wicca has been founded lately as a Pagan religion, it’s based on Anglo-Saxon and Celtic traditions. It is regarded to be modern witchcraft, and it’s a growing belief system with more and more followers. There are approximately 3 million followers now. As sexuality is an important part of Wicca, we can say it’s very sexually liberated.


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1. Asatru

Now we have got to the first place that is given to Asatru. Asatru has also been established recently, as a pagan religion. It also appears to be  one of the most sexually liberated churches and religions. It is about liberty, tolerance and peace without any missionaries, dogmas, saints or restrictions. It makes a stand for LGBT rights, which are accepted in this religion, that’s why they get hate mail from Neopagans.

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