4 Public Companies That Don’t Do Drug Tests in 2019

There are more than 4 public companies that don’t do drug test in 2020, but we have come up with the biggest and most popular ones now. Insider Monkey have made us a great research work related to this topic. When it comes to the largest companies, people usually think that they don’t accept if their workers can’t focus on the job. If we consider that large number of smaller companies usually take drug tests on their workers, we would think that the really large ones will follow this example more seriously.

Nowadays more and more experts claim that these kind of drug tests are pointless and expensive. There are four American states that legalized consuming marijuana, and many more tend to legalize it. When Washington allowed consuming cannabis as a recreational drug, California and Florida followed to legalize the medical usage of it.

According to Insider Monkey’s research, roughly $11,7 million were spent on drug tests in federal agencies. For example Florida paid more than $14 million for drug testing in aviation alone. Naturally nobody wants to travel in a plane that is flown by a drugged pilot, but these costs may be dicreased. It’s always a controversial question if the taxpayers’ money is spent smartly, therefore the question of doing drug tests is always in the focus. There’s also the concern that these tests have been used only in discriminated categories supporting their stigmatization.

The list of the companies is pretty long, but here you will see four of the largest and most popular ones. Now without a furter ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for us about  companies that don’t do drug tests in 2020.

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Apple (Apple Inc.: NASDAQ: AAPL)

Apple was launched in 1976, and since then they have produced high-quality electric devices, components, computers. There are 132,000 employees, and as it’s pretty stressful to work here, controlled drug consumption is said to be useful. As long as the work is done – workers can consume marijuana.

Microsoft (Microsoft Corporation: NASDAQ: MSFT)

We are half way through our list of 4 public companies that don’t do drug test in 2020. There is a story that programming companies have established young programmers that enjoyed in LSD during the ’60s. If you work for Microsoft you don’t need to be afraid of having drug test.

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR)

This company has more than 2,500 employees, and they all confirmed that working for this company always gives lots of opportunities to develop, therefore they are very satisfied with it. They don’t have to face with drug tests, and they also do not say why.

Google (Alphabet Inc Class A: NASDAQ: GOOGL)

It was named the best company for working in 2015 by the employees. There are several reasons for it, such as unlimited sick days, excellent atmosphere at work, very good conditions (including fitness). As for the drug test, they abolished it couple of years ago, saying programmers who use marijuana can do their job better. This was our list of the 4 public companies that don’t do drug test in 2020, we hope you enjoyed it!

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