4 States that Allow Vote by Mail

Not only is the election approaching, but the second “act” of the pandemic, too – therefore we have thought to compile the list of 4 states that allow vote by mail, based on Insider Monkey’s latest article. As I mentioned in former articles, and you guys out there could perceive, this year has brought lots of changes in our everyday lives. We had to learn to live with all those big changes, such as wearing masks (this is the least, of course), self-isolation, being made redundant as almost all the industries closed and stopped operating. Dark shadow of fear drifted above us as we didn’t know how long it would last, how long we would have to stand by. After derestriction we breathed again and thought that everything would be if not the same, but very close. We had to realize that we were wrong, as scientists predict the second wave of the COVID-19 will come soon, and if we check out the TV news, we can see they are right.

The impact of the coronavirus socially and economically can’t be predicted in advance, although economists work hard on this issue. Every country has strongly been virus-stricken in the world, but the United States is hit by far the worst, as there have been more than 5 million cases and over 150,000 deaths. The pandemic caused not only endless grief in the society, but horribly large toll in other aspects of life, too.  Pandemic caught the politicians and even the President flat-footed, and they decided to open states too early, and let the coronavirus seize control.

The history of America is famous for never delaying or cancelling elections. Not even during the World Wars or the Cold War, therefore it was extremely surprising and astonishing that Trump had suggested that the election should be delayed due to the pandemic. Fortunately, modern technology is on an outstanding point, consequently voting by mail should be automatic option.

Now without a further ado, let’s see our compilation of the 4 states that allow vote by mail.

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4. Utah

The first state on our list is Utah. This state is among those few that allow to vote by mail.

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3. Colorado

Since 2013 Colorado residents have had the right to vote by mail, and surprisingly already in 2013, 74% of residents chose this option!

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2. Washington

We are half way through on our list of the 4 states that allow vote by mail. This state has always been a front-runner in changes, so it was in 1983 when the first vote by mail happened. Then, in 2005 it was passed into law.

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1. Oregon

Oregon has got the first spot on the list of the 4 states that allow vote by mail. If you read through our former article about the states that banned plastic bags, you can see, that this list is very similar to that one. Oregon is one of the states that is on that list, too.


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