40 Best Albert Einstein Quotes on Life, Education, and God

If you planned on skipping this article because it sounded a bit like looking at memes that have nothing to do with Einstein himself, you are wrong. Albert Einstein was interviewed many times during his career and gave a lot of speeches and written thoughts. By looking through them, Insider Monkey found 40 best Albert Einstein quotes on life, education, and God, only for this purpose.

Albert Einstein is famous in science mostly because of the theory of relativity, but even kids know about his mustache and specific hairstyle. His wife, Mileva, wasn’t so far behind as far as the knowledge and brains are concerned and some people even believe that many of Einstein’s patents are actually the inventions of Mileva herself, but she was unable to publish it by herself because of the gender issue that ruled at that time. But even so, no one can deny Albert Einstein’s brilliance.

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But besides being a smartass and married to Mileva, what else do you know about him? Who was Albert Einstein? And did you know that 10 years after winning the Nobel Prize Einstein could be eliminated from the face of the Earth, which means that none of his brainchildren born during the next 25 years would exist? Let me explain. Einstein was born in Germany but spent the biggest part of his life in Switzerland. Later, when he was accomplished enough as a respectful scientist, Einstein was hired by the Berlin Academy of Sciences as a teacher. All of this wouldn’t be an issue if in 1930’s Hitler didn’t take the throne of the German nation and decided to play a God and finish the ethnical cleansing. And what does it have to do with Einstein? Well, that’s one more interesting and not that well-known fact. Albert Einstein was a Jew and there is no invention that would have saved him from Hitler, and since he was already famous enough, Hitler wouldn’t avoid him ever.
Luckily for Einstein and his wife, they already moved to the United States where they left until the war was over. ‘’The devil has put a penalty on all things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat’’ You don’t see this one in memes that often, do you?

Since we covered pretty much everything important about Albert Einstein’s life, it is time for 40 best Albert Einstein’s quotes on life, education, and God. The real ones, not viral ones.

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