5 Best and Most Accurate Bible Translations According to Scholars

Bible has almost as many translations as there are translators in the world, and here are 5 best and most accurate bible translations according to scholars.

There are two kinds of Bible translations: the literal one and the interpreted one. Both of them have their perks on cons and, depending on what kind of the Bible reader you are, you can choose between these two. Still, no matter the translation and the groups that call themselves the anti-Gods or atheists, the Bible is still the most sold book ever.

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But let’s get back to the sorts of translation. I already mentioned that there are literal and interpreted Bible version, or should I say versions, but I didn’t explain it. Literal translations were common at the beginning and still are, but the problem here is that, if you translate each word individually into some other language, you will end up with senseless stories. It isn’t very hard to do it if you are the translator working on it, but in case you are planning on earning some money on your work, this definitely isn’t the right way to go. Everything you translated should be interpreted by the reader and that’s not something that anyone buying the Bible planned on doing.

On the other hand, the interpreted Bible versions are easier to understand, but, as it always goes, these Bible versions give more space for translators to reconstruct and make their own Bible versions that might be easier for people to understand, but it can also mislead them to the wrong conclusion. Interpretated Bible versions are the best solution for children because they are still too young to understand all the facts and conclusions, but for adults, the Bible versions that are the closest to the originals are the best solutions.

In case that you are thinking of taking the original Bible version to read, don’t bother. The first ever written biblical record was written by Moses and he wrote it in his native language, the Hebrew. There are people who study and really try to understand this language, but if you plan on learning it just so you could read the original Bibles, don’t bother. It is too much work for too low results.

Of course, there will always be people over obsessed with this matter and they do their best to offer the best Bible translations to the audience. Of course, you should be careful with the Bible versions you think of buying because you don’t want to be misled by too much interpretation and bad translation. This is why Insider Monkey created the list of 5 best and most accurate Bible translations according to scholars that you can check out by clicking on it. Enjoy!

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